Jessica and I are the two happiest people you will ever meet!  When you're so enthralled with your spouse as we are, you forget anything else exists!  We see every day as a gift and everything we do, we do together.  We are very happily married, living in Toledo, OH and expecting our first munchkin (Kayenne) in May!  Before we fell in love with each other, we shared the same affinity for making the most out of every moment life has to offer, and we plan to make the very most out of any opportunity you give us to serve you!

We started Silecchia Photography 3 years ago because we wanted to take a--what was then--hobby and see what we could do with it when we combined it with our passion for the wedding industry.  It has taken off in ways we never would have expected. Business has tripled every year since origin and next year looks to be our busiest season yet.  We have been so fortunate with people finding interest in our services and affirming/endorsing Silecchia Photography in extravagant ways.  We take great pride in providing more than just photos, but an experience that enhances your big beautiful day in a way that you will never forget!

We understand that pictures can sometimes be stiff, too long, awkward, etc., but we promise to not only make you feel comfortable, but at ease and fun as we go through a variety of beautifully posed/candid photos while having a great time. Our focus is on "your experience" just as much as it is on your beautiful photos.  

Thats us in a text box and as always, thanks for even considering!  To Jess and I, that is sometimes the BIGGEST compliment! :)

-Joe & Jess Silecchia